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We're Officially Accepting Submissions!

Be a part of Independently Me today!

What Services Are Available?

We offer a variety of services, our only catch is you have to be an independent creator! We have ad space of varying sizes with affordable prices, as well as book reviews that are honest but positive, new release lists for books and music, and article/podcast features. All services are priced with independent creators in mind, including ad deals such as a free first ad a loyalty program. We also have plans for gift guides during the holiday season!

How Do We Apply?

Applying is super easy! You could reach out here through the Contact at the bottom of the page, by sending an email to, or through private message on any of our social media pages (IG @KatWintersBooks @IndependentlyMeMagazine, Twitter @KatWintersBooks, Tik Tok @Kat.Winters @Independently.Me, and Facebook). Being part of Independently Me is super quick and easy too, not even taking 3 hours of your time, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Can We Nominate People to Feature?

Absolutely! The same way someone can apply, you can nominate someone. We make no promises that we will feature them, for a number of reasons, but it will definitely put them on our radar and we will do our best to support them regardless. We often post on social media asking you to tag creators you want to see featured, so be on the look out for those!

And don't forget to support our Kickstarter!

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