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We Have Some Sad News To Share

It is with a heavy heart that we share this.

Independently Me Is Cancelled

Due to a number of situations beyond our control, including family commitments and financial constraints, I along with my cofounder have made the difficult choice to cancel the launch Independently Me Magazine and Podcast in January 2023.

What Comes Next?

We're choosing to view this not as a setback, but as an opportunity. We're going to take this time to grow our following to provide the best reach for our featured creators, grow a team including graphic artists, writers, reviewers, social media managers, and more to create the best content for our readers, the best content for our featured creators, and support more creators. On top of all of this we have plans to gain funding to create the best magazine possible! Now, we did already have commitements to creators that were due for January spaces, so we've decided those who already have spots with us can choose to keep them or change them to a month of their choosing, and those interested in feature/ad slots can request them now to help us grow, we are still constantly working to help the indie community!

What Can You Do?

Help us keep this dream afloat! Follow us on social media, like Tik Tok and Instagram to grow our following and build a strong foundation. Support Kat Winters Books to help fund this project, buying my products or supporting the Patreon launching in January will directly fund Independently Me Magazine and Podcast.

Help us make this dream a reality!

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