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The Patreon is Live!

Get access to all kinds of new content!

Don't Miss Out!

The Patreon is now live, allowing everyone to join and get the amazing things that are being offered! Big things are already in the works

What Will Be Offered?

Access to the first page of Free Me is now available to all, as will be the first page of any book I release. On top of this, depending on tier, subscribers will have access to exclusive short stories, Q&A's, author support, giveaways, sneak peeks, and so much more! And as time goes on, more will be offered.

What Tiers Will There Be?

Tiers are broken down as such, with prices included (prices listed at the monthly price):

Tip Jar: $1, a basic tier, strictly for those wanting to help fund/support Kat Winters Books

Official Patron: $4, offers a monthly short story and a monthly indie book recommendation

Author Support: $6, for anyone interested in writing, this provides one on one calls, monthly Q&A's, Publication Observation (seeing step by step what my publishing process is), Writer Feedback (send in work for feedback), monthly Writing/Publishing/Marketing/Merchandising tips, free access to Independently Me magazine (upon launch), and access to the monthly short story and indie recommendation

All Access Patron: $10, gain access to exclusive polls to pick future projects, exclusive discounts, early reveals, sneak peeks of WIPs, as well as access to monthly Q&A's, short stories, indie recommendations, and free access to Independently Me (upon launch)

VIP Patron: $18, offers exclusive giveaways and exclusive merch, as well as access to the exclusive polls, discounts, early reveals, sneak peeks, short stories, indie book recommendations, and free access to Independently Me (upon launch)

Super Supporter: $25, gets access to everything offered in the other tiers!

Why Should We Support The Patreon?

Supporting the Patreon helps fund future Kat Winters Books products, and supporting it will also offer you a way to see some goals that I hope to achieve, so you know your support helps and know where you're money is going!

Some current goals include:

Turning Free Me into an audiobook

Funding Independently Me

Funding future releases

Adding Small Business Reviews/Recommendations to my Patreon Benefits

Launching a Subscription Box


So join here today!

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