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The Latest Kat Winters Books Production

By indies, about indies, for indies!

Presenting: Independently Me Magazine and Podcast!

Highlight and learn more about the indie creators you love most! With Independently Me, we can shine a light on the many independent artists we have trying to be heard today. Through this magazine, we can feature approximately seven creators, two indie book reviews, new release lists, and numerous ads! Our podcast can also help bring these creators closer to the readers/listeners, by letting them hear directly what their goal is with their art!

When Will the Magazine/Podcast Release?

We are currently on track to launch in January of 2023! Our first headlining feature will be the one and only Miggie Snyder, who happens to be the reviewer for indie books and cohost of Independently Me: The Author and The Artist! The magazine will be available through an online distributor (to be announced) and will also be available to all patreon subscribers of Miggie and me! The goal will be to have the podcast available on all platforms for maximum accessibility.

This project Is Very Ambitious, And We Need Your Help!

To create this magazine and podcast, to make a safe space for indie creators, we have to invest a lot into this. This takes time and money which a lot of indie creators don't have, we are crunching the numbers to make this as affordable as possible for all involved, but the upfront cost is still a lot.

Because of this, Miggie and I have elected to create a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money, and the Kickstarter is live now with a goal of $700 raised in 60 days!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site built with an all or nothing mindset. Authors, game designers, anyone can launch a project and set a goal and time frame. Every campaign has reward tiers available for pledges, to give them something for their support, and if funding goals aren't met, no one pays anything. The project only receives its funding if it meets its goal!

Our kickstarter has rewards including a 3 month magazine subscription, a download of Miggie's Embracing Me, a digital copy of Free Me, personalized stories, and more!

Will the Project Be Cancelled if The Goal Isn't Met?

We hope not, but as indie creators it's hard to invest money into things without knowing they'll succeed. This kickstarter not only could give us the start up captial we need, but can guage interest and make sure the project will succeed in the long run.

So please consider helping us with this project, and help these creators get the attention they deserve! To further follow along the Independently Me journey, feel free to follow the project on Instagram and Tik Tok!

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