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Reasons to Subscribe to KWB Patreon!

Don't Miss Out on All the Fun!

If You Haven't Joined You're Missing Out!

The Kat Winters Books Patreon page has so much to offer! And if you haven't signed up, you're missing out on so much!

Why Should I Join?

Well, just to name a few reasons:

Consistent, new monthly content: You never have to wonder if your money is being wasted on a subscription that won't post! Every month, every tier has new content every single month, and most tiers have interactive content!

Exclusive access to new content: Gain access to exclusive content that you can't get anywhere else, on top of exclusive access to new products, new stories, and more before any other platform!

Find new indie authors to love and support: Of course, it wouldn't be my page if we didn't do something for other indies! Gain monthly access to indie book recs to help you find your next great read, and support the indie community at the same time!

Get support for your writing journey: There's a tier just for aspiring writers! Gain access to one on one support, as well as feedback, and monthly tips, and more!

Get a free trial: Scared to commit? Don't worry! Now you can get a week long free trial and see if you love it enough to commit to it!

So join here today!

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