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Pride Month- Giving Back

Happy Pride Month! It's that time-- let's show our community some support!

Why Are You Donating Your Profits?

The whole point in publishing Free Me was to make a difference! I wrote and published it to bring attention to LGBTQAI+ issues and the effects of intolerance on mental health, I did it to help people like me. I could easily keep all the profits and never make an effort to thank my community and my supporters, but that goes against everything I am and every reason I wrote this. Pride Month is so important for the community and putting a spotlight on resources for LGBTQAI+ youth is so important and can even save a life! If my book can touch someone and change their life, why shouldn't the money they spent do the same thing?

Why The Trevor Project? What is The Trevor Project?

The Trevor Project is a nonprofit resource for LGBTQAI+ youth. They offer a crisis line and resources to struggling youth to focus on suicide prevention within the community! The Trevor Project wants to offer resources and help to LGBTQAI+ youth and help parents and the world learn acceptance. Their main goal is to advocate for LGBTQAI+ youth and fight intolerance to end suicide within the community!

They founded in 1998 after a young thirteen year old boy named Trevor attempted to take his life due to the ridicule and intolerance he faced for his sexuality. Founders James Lecesne, Peggy Rajski, and Randy Stone had heard the story and made a short film on what Trevor went through, in this process they realized he must not be the only one struggling with this and they used donations and what they made with the short film to create the first nationwide, 24 hour crisis line for LGBTQAI+ youth. Since it's creation they have grown to have their crisis line, Trevor Text, Trevor Chat, Trevor Space, an internship program, school workshops, and a youth advisory council.

The Trevor Project is one of the most well known resources for youth in the LGBTQAI+ community and has saved thousands of lives, won dozens of awards and raised thousands to help the community. I've chosen The Trevor Project because of its goal in ending LGBTQAI+ suicide an helping to promote tolerance and self acceptance, which are major themes in my book. I want to help aid them in their mission to make change, with your help!

What is the Charity Event?

Every June (Pride Month) all profits from any Free Me book sales and associated merch will go to the chosen charity! That includes: Amazon sales (Paperback, Hardback, and ebook), Barnes & Nobles sales (Paperback and Hardback), signed copy sales (Paperback and Hardback), Limited edition sales (Hardbacks), and Merch sales (T-shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Mugs, Blankets, Keychains, Bookmarks, and more coming soon).

Why Only Donate During Pride?

I assure you, there will be tons of year around events to donate and give back to the community! There will be an event in December as well this year, as well as certain products added to my shop that will have profits donated year around!

How Can We Help? What if We Can't Afford to Buy Anything?

There are more ways to help than buying my book and products! Simply spreading the word of my book, it's messages, the charity event, and the importance of supporting the LGBTQAI+ community goes a long way! Spread awareness about the effects of intolerance, and offer resources such as the Trevor Project Hotline number (1-866-488-7386)! Be sure to check out The Trevor Project and all their resources!

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