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Pride May Be Ending

But never stop celebrating!

Musical Credit: Citizen Soldier

Never forget your value, never stop celebrating pride, never stop fighting...

Never Give Up!

If You Are In Need Of Help, Have Questions, Or Are Struggling... There Is Help!

The Trevor Project has 24/7 hotlines available!

It Gets Better has constant resources!

The national suicide hotline: 988 through The International Association for Suicide Prevention!

Rest for Resistance has mental health tips and more for queer people of color!

The Black Trans Travel Fund aims to help black and trans women in need of travel assistance!

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color has numerous resources for multiple situations!

If You Want To Help, You Can!

Donate to The Trevor Project, help end queer suicide!

Donate to It Gets Better, empower and protect the queer community!

Donate to LA Pride, create a safe space for queer individuals!

Donate to True Colors United, help end homelessness in the queer community!

Donate to The International Association for Suicide Prevention, save a life!

Donate to Trans Latin Coaliton, help support Latino/a trans individuals!

Donate to the Black Trans Health Initiative, uplift queer people of color!

Donate to the Black Trans Fund, help ensure the safety of trans people of color!

Donate to the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color, help provide support to the queer community!

Celebrating Pride All Year Is So Easy!!

Highlight queer voices! You can show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community easily, and in so many ways. Such as:

  • Support Queer Businesses

  • Support Queer Charities

  • Uplift Queer Voices and Stories

  • Be A Safe Space

  • Ask Someone How They Identify/Their Pronouns, RESPECT THEM

  • VOTE!

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