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Merch Street Team and Models Needed!

Want to help hype up Free Me merch and get a little something for yourself as well? Read on!

What Will Street Team Members Do? Is This Different Than The Publishing Street Team?

It's different and the same, the team will still have the same basic job but they will have different ways of executing it. The won't be posting as many places and they will be working with different material and earn different goodies! Merch Street Team members will not receive as many goodies, but only because merch products will be more expensive to produce and ship. I understand this could deter people from signing up, but I would rather be as honest with you as possible.

What Will Models Do? Who Can Model?

Models will receive certain products for free and be expected (and obligated) to take photos in or with them that I will post here on the website and social media. Models will be given a choice in what they want to help advertise, some of which will be blankets, shirts, and hoodies.

Anyone who wants can apply to a model, I welcome all to join in one the self love and acceptance message of this merch! There will be a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from and I welcome a variety of people covering all genders, races, sexualities, and backgrounds. This merch is for all of us!

How Do I Apply to be a Street Team Member or Model?

Applying to be a Street Team member is similar to being a publication Street Team member. Just fill out this form, fully and honestly and if you qualify and if there's room, you'll be notified!

For those who want to be models, you will fill out this form, as I'll need more information and verifiable ways to reach you! If you are selected, you'll be notified and we'll discuss the obligations of modeling the merch, especially the most important rule: Have fun and love yourself!

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