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Let's End on a High Note!

Don't Miss The Celebration!

As Pride Month comes to an end, so does our annual charity event. To end on a high note, we're trying something new: A live reading of Free Me on Tik Tok! The livestream will be held on June 29th at 10pm CST and will be a full reading of the entire novel!

Please consider buying Free Me before the event to help support our annual charity, giving June Free Me profits to The Trevor Project, to help end queer suicide! You can help by purchasing from my shop, purchasing Free Me from platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Apple Books, and Books a Million! You can also read more about this month long event on my blog on my website, and even donate directly to The Trevor Project! Help us show these kids they are worth fighting for!

Musical Credit: Embracing Me by Miggie Snyder

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