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July Birthday Giveaway

Let's celebrate our main man Josh with a giveaway!

Why another giveaway?

I love celebrating my characters, and giving to those who support me! As well as celebrating my character and my supporters, giveaways are a good way to get people to see my book and get interested in my accounts!

How do we enter?

Go to my Instagram account! It will have rules and everything you need to know to enter. Information can be found on my Tik Tok, Twitter, or Instagram so if you follow me you'll have easy access to the giveaway!

What will we win?

One winner will get a free signed hardcover of Free Me as well as a Baskin Robins gift card. They will also get prizes sourced from small businesses, these products will include a birthday cake candle, a journal (in honor of Josh), and a coupon for my shop! The winner will be announced on Josh's birthday, July 12th!

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