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Holiday Season Sale Event

Celebrate the season of giving with bundle deals and discounts!

Which products will be on sale?

Most products will be on sale! The only things that won't be on sale will be the bundle boxes. The bundle boxes is just an extra charge to have your products specially wrapped, so those won't be on sale. However, everything else, candles, bookmarks, prints, shirts, signed copies and so on will be on sale!

When should we order by to get by Christmas?

The earlier, the better, for any holiday! If you don't want to pay for faster shipping I recommend ordering a week to a week and a half before your holiday at the latest, especially if you have a bigger order! Now there will also be faster (more expensive) shipping options, but even so you should leave yourself an extra day or two than you think because USPS gets swamped this time of year!

What are the bundle boxes for the holidays like?

The bundle boxes are just an extra step. I created them to make gifting easier. Say you have a friend across the country and you want to get them something, rather than order it and wrap it and then ship it again, I do that for you. So you can order something, prewrapped, pre-personalized for your friend, take out the middle man and get them their gift quicker!

The boxes will obviously include everything in your order, but you can choose to add a card/note, and you have the option to add extra goodies like candy and toys to make it extra special. Bundle boxes are offered year around for multiple events, and even Christmas and Hanukah boxes will be available year around for preorder!

What are the bundle boxes for the holidays like?

Holiday bundle boxes include festive material to give your loved one something special! Christmas boxes will have mini stockings, Hanukkah boxes will have chocolate coins, and so much more! On top of extra treats, bundle boxes include wrapping of the products in the order, as well as a card for the holiday!

Why are the bundles so expensive? When will they be available?

The bundle boxes in general tend to be pricey because they’re extra! The cost covers a bigger box, the extra goodies, the wrapping paper, and the card!

Unfortunately, the holiday bundles won’t be available this year, but there will be an option to have presents wrapped at the least!

Happy Holidays to All!

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