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Help Make Books Accessible!

Everyone deserves access to books!

Did you know book accessibility is a major problem?

Books are a privilege, we all know this. Not everyone can afford them and store them, but options such as libraries or ebooks offer options to ensure accessibility, yet we still struggle to ensure everyone access. Audiobooks help bridge this gap, they help give access to people with all kinds obstacles and disabilities. They're also on the rise in popularity as new ways to get them becomes accessible, such as audible subscriptions. Options for accessibility exist, but not every book is made into various accessible formats.

How can we make a change in book accessibility?

Bring awareness, talk about accessibility options and fight to make them available. Support your favorite authors and push them to pursue accessibility. Unfortunately accessibility is an uphill battle; things like audiobooks can help get books into the hands of those who otherwise couldn't have them, but they're expensive to buy and expensive to make. On top of advocating for more affordable prices, we need to push authors to consider audiobooks, and support them so they can have the funds to pursue it.

Help make Free Me accessible!

Currently I'm undergoing the task of trying to raise money to make Free Me an audiobook to help make it accessible! It's not going to be cheap or easy, but I'm determined. I have set up a GoFundMe to help raise money to make and market the audiobook, and Free Me is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, and even Apple Books and of course signed copies and merch are available here. I'm also working on releasing a new reading journal that will be available soon. Anything helps, and together we can make a change in book accessibility one book at a time.

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