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Free Me Merch Announcement!

Prepare for merch based on my LGBTQA+ Contemporary novel Free Me, made with love to show you love!

What Merch Will Be Available?

There will be a variety of merch available including shirts, hoodies, blankets, book marks, tea, limited edition cover copies, candles, mugs, and stickers! Images of these will be available on my social media when the merch officially drops. Most of the merch will be outsourced but most will be packaged and shipped by me (I will specify what is not shipped by me) and all of it is made with love and care and effort. I'm so lucky to have the help of my friends to create these wonderful designs and products to hopefully make you smile!

When Will it Launch?

Merch will officially be available for purchase on November 6th 2021, the birthday of our very own Zayne Daveen of Free Me! Now unfortunately due to a number of unforeseen delays, not all merchandise will be listed right away, some will be available, some you can preorder, and some will be marked as coming soon!

Will There Be Any Fun Deals?

Of course! What is life without some fun deals and add on's? There will be giveaways and sales throughout the years as well as bundle options. What are bundle options you may ask? Well there will options in my shop to add onto your order based on the time of year. Some options will include birthday bundles, Christmas bundles, Hanukkah bundles, Winter bundles and more. Each bundle will be special, having your entire order packaged with extra care, freebies and goodies. For example, birthday bundles will be available and the order will be wrapped in birthday paper with a birthday card, candy, confetti, and more! The best part about this? Now you don't have to worry about order gifts for those you love and wondering if you'll have time to wrap and ship it, I do that for you!

Can I show Off My Merch?

Please do! Please post pictures or send them in of you using or wearing your merch! If you want I will happily post them here and on social media to show off my beautiful, diverse fan base!

I can't wait to see what you all think of the merch!

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