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Free Marketing Still Available!

Don't miss your chance to find a new audience!

Free Marketing is Still Available!

Indie creators, you still have the opportunity to reach a new fan base through free marketing! I still have space available for Patreon features, and newsletter features!

What's Available?

There are 5 newsletter slots still available! Any indie creators can apply- authors, businesses, musicians, etc- and will get an entire column in my newsletter dedicated to promoting themselves and their work! The available months are August, September, October, November, and December of 2024! Click here to apply!

There are also 3 Patreon exclusive Book Rec Slots available for indie authors! The Book Rec is exclusive perk for Patreon subscribers, and gives indie authors the opportunity to show their book to a new audience. Each month has one Book Rec showing basic information about the book such as genre, and where to buy it! The available months are June, November, and December of 2024. Click here to apply!

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