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Don't Miss the July Newsletter

Don't miss important updates!

What Does the Newsletter Offer That I Can't Get On the Site?

The newsletter serves to sum up all the important things that happened this month, so if you aren't active in checking the site and what's been happening, you can get it all in the newsletter! Not to mention, in every newsletter, I put a spotlight on another Indie Creator, whether that be a small business, an indie author, or a indie musician. Supporting my newsletter supports them too and I think it's important to support as many Indie Creators as possible.

How Often Does the Newsletter Come Out?

The goal is it will be monthly, but there might be a few months where there hasn't been enough updates to warrant a newsletter. Expect one every month but don't be shocked if a month or two passes without one.

Why Do You Highlight Other Indies? Isn't It YOUR Newsletter?

Absolutely, it's important I use every tool available and use my newsletter to promote myself, but Indie businesses and authors and musicians don't have big marketing teams! A huge portion of an Indies marketing is word of mouth, a friend telling a friend telling a friend. Indies need to support each other because we know how hard it is to get that attention, so I choose to use the tools I have to benefit not only me but others!

What's In This Newsletter We Don't Want to Miss?

This month we have the outcome of our June Charity Event, as well as talk of a guide on how to support the queer community year around! We also have a new indie feature that is one of a kind!

How Do We Sign Up?

You can go to the Newsletter page here on my website and sign up, or you can click the green icon at the top of your screen and follow that! It's super easy and it means the world to me!

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