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ARC Readers Needed!

Learn how to get a free advanced reader copy of my debut novel Free Me!

What is an Arc?

An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy, they're copies of a book that go out to certain people before a book releases. They could be sent to reviewers, or fans, in an attempt to get hype for a book before release and make it so there are people ready to boost and review those books when they come out.

What is an ARC Reader? What Do They Do?

An ARC Reader is someone who receives an ARC of a book and simply reads it before the book releases so they can leave a review. Reviews are super important for books, it's how people know whether or not to buy them and often reviews tell platforms (such as Amazon) what books are worth showing to customers. An ARC Readers job is to leave a review on or around release day to help boost the book.

Why Do Reviews Help?

Like most things on the internet, books are subject to an algorithm. Books with more reviews get boosted in the algorithm and more people see them! This is especially important for Indie Authors because reviews are a huge part of marketing, the more people leave reviews the more new people will see our books.

How Do We Sign Up?

Simply follow this link and answer honestly, all accepted ARC Readers will be notified.

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