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Meet the Author

Born and raised in Southern California, Kat Winters discovered a love of writing at a young age. Now 19 and living in Missouri, Kat hopes to touch others through her writing and help others and provide gripping stories.


Kat also loves photography, cooking, baking, reading and so much more. Creativity and giving have always been strong parts of Kat's life and she hopes to give people the same escape through reading her books that she found writing them.

Kat tries to focus on inclusivity in her books, as well as bringing attention to real problems in our world. She always strives for a good story that will hold a reader and make all feel welcome and heard and engaged.

Kat hopes to become a teacher, a foster mom, and a writer who works to connect to all types of people from all different circumstances and make them feel included.

Any and all readers and supporters are loved and appreciated unconditionally for who they are and how they help Kat achieve her dreams.

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